Android OS vs Apple iOS

Android OS developed by Google is based on Linux. It provides the most functionaloperating system to the tablet computers and smartphones. It was recognized as the best –selling smartphone platform in 2010. According to Google spokes person more than 850,000 android devices are getting activated everyday in February 2012. The hand set layout can adapt to VGA, 2D and 3D graphics library. The data storage is done by SQLite, which is alightweight database. The android OS supports different connectivity technology like CDMA,GSM/EDGE, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, IDEN, UMTS, WiMAX, EV-DO, NFC etc.


Apart from the SMS and MMS messaging options, you are provided with the Android Cloud To Device Messaging service. Android OS can support multiple languages and the web browser is based on WebKit layout engine which is coupled with the V8 java Script engine of Chrome. Though most of the android applications are in java script, the support is provided through third-party applications. Android supports media formats like WebM,MPEG-4 SP, AAC, MP3, JPEG ,MIDI, WAV, BMP etc. the Flash plugin supports the streaming. Android OS also provides additional hardware support and multi- touch support.

The latest version of apple iOS has updated the operating platform for mobile phones and tablets. the release of the iCloud service by apple, enables the users to get access to the content using apple devices without the need for manual syncing. The release of the apple iOS 5 version provides new iOS to iOS messaging. There are more than 200 new features included in the IOS 5 which includes twitter integration, PC free setup, display mirroring over airplay, wireless Sync, multi tasking, applications like camera, mail, calendar, browser etc. the new notification setting allows the user to decide on how the alerts are send. The new version apple iOS has more healthy features.

Source: Time Wasters Online


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