Samsung to launch own Social network

Samsung Electronics is known worldwide as one of the biggest and leading smart phones and touch-screen tablets manufacturer. They have given the consumers one of best smartphone in the planet in Samsung Galaxy S II, as well as one of the best tablet in the world in Samsung Galaxy Tab II. The company is also coming up with the new Samsung Galaxy S III. But it appears that the company wanted to expand their business even more by using the popularity of the social media network.

According to a report, Samsung is planning to launch their own social media network codenamed at this time as “Samsung Facebook”.


The “alleged” Samsung social network will be built based on their customers and consumers acceptance of their mobile chat application, ChatOn, as well as Family History, a social networking service with an emphasis on photo-sharing, chatting and schedule reminders, accessible on a limited number of Samsung smartphones and Web-connected televisions.

In a statement a Samsung official had said:

“By the end of the year, we will have a polished and finished version of Family Story that will be offered first to Samsung device users for free. The eventual goal is to expand our social media service across different mobile platforms. That includes cameras, televisions and blu-ray players. We are confident that the service will be popular globally. That means we need to guard against the possibilities of a data bottleneck. That’s why we want a server-based computing structure and disperse with a network of servers across different countries”.

Samsung plans to integrate their new social network service with Amazon’s cloud computing platform to allow users to access their upcoming social network service from anywhere, at anytime and on any device.

Samsung’s new social network service will become available in the first quarter of the year 2013 at the earliest, according to a Samsung official.

Source: Technorati


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