Twitter passes 400 million tweets per day

Amid the fever around the Facebook IPO last month it was announced that more Americans access Facebook on their mobiles than via the full version of the website.  For Facebook this represents a significant problem as their mobile version carries significantly fewer adverts than the full version.

So news released today that fellow social network Twitter is also incredibly popular via mobile devices is interesting.  cNet reveal that more than 400 million tweets are made every day, rising from 340 million just a month ago, and that most of these are made from a mobile device.


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed that most Twitter users are accessing the site from their mobiles at the Economist’s Ideas Economy: Information 2012 conference.

“Because tweets are 140 characters, born of mobile and constrained that way, when we designed the ad platform our ads would go everywhere tweets go, and the only way is if the ads are tweets. We have an ad platform that is already inherently suited to mobile. Even though we launched the ad platform on the Web already, a couple of weeks ago we saw mobile revenue in a day greater than non-mobile.” he told Economist digital editor Tom Standage.

The news comes weeks after it was announced that they had passed 10 million users in the United Kingdom.  Last month they also purchased email marketing company RestEngine to supply users with an email digest of the best tweets from their followers.

Twitter has the same dilemma as Facebook as they attempt to monetise their hugely popular platform.  Sponsored tweets have already attracted the attention of regulators.

Costolo told the Economist conference however that he was very pleased with the sites mobile advertising.  He declared that it is “doing delightfully well,” but didn’t offer any specifics as to what “delightful” means.

Source: Technorati


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