The top 30 Internet terms for beginners

As you strive to make sense of the Internet and the World Wide Web, these 30 terms are bound to be very helpful.


1. The Web vs. the Internet
2. http and https
3. Browser
4. HTML and XML
5. URL
6. IP Address
7. Email
8. Blogs and Blogging
9. Social Media and Social Bookmarking
10. ISP
11. Download
12. Malware
13. Router (aka ‘Network Router’)
14. Keywords and Tags/Labels
15. Texting/Chatting
16. I.M.
17. P2P
18. E-commerce
19. Bookmark
20. Social Engineering
21. Phishing and Whaling
22. Addons and Plugins
23. Trojan
24. Spamming and Filtering
25. Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
26. Apps and Applets
27. Encryption and Authentication
28. Ports and Port Forwarding
29. Firewall
30. Archives and Archiving

Source: Click here to read description for all internet terms


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