The world without Facebook

Facebook in Figures


Have a look at this  great video on world without Facebook. Anyway, it’s a bit old almost a year. So it must have already changed dramatically but it gives an idea on the impact of Facebook in our day to day life and as a big fan (not saying addicted) myself I can only be impressed! It is becoming a new way of communication, as phone and email have been decades ago. I remember a few years ago some people saying that it won’t last and will be replaced by something else but I personally think it won’t happen anytime soon. Yes we will see new sites getting popular, after Twitter, Linkedin, there is now Pinterest that seem to take off quite quickly. But FB seems to stay the link between people right now and the most popular overall. And it is linking more and more friends of course but also families as we can slowly see parents and grand-parents getting on board to stay in touch with their loved one or watch the latest video of their grandchild. After a start as a student repair, it seems also a great way to stay in touch between generations. Have you noticed the twist yourself, how do you use (or not use) Facebook?

Source: allindigital


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