RIM announces BlackBerry 10

Research In Motion is trying to gain back the massive amount of customers they lost to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. At BlackBerry World 2012 going on from May 1 – 3 in Orlando, Florida, Thorsten Heins took the stage and announced the fresh new look to Research In Motion’s future Operating System, BlackBerry 10 (BB10).

blackberry10-RIM announces

They showed off the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone in a promo video below, as well as on stage while demoing the new OS. The device itself looks exactly like a 4inch model of the PlayBook with the volume up, play/pause and volume down buttons on the right side and the MiniUSB slot on the let side (same as the PlayBook in Portrait mode). Although the device wasn’t announced, the main event was showing off some new innovations of BB10. The device used is called a “Dev Alpha” model, which may never actually see store shelves in its current form. The device will be given to developers to test their BB10 apps for future release. That release of which was still slated by Thorsten Heins, RIM President and CEO, to be the ‘latter part of 2012’.

The BlackBerry 10 operating system is showing some refinements and promise. One of the most innovative parts of the OS seems to be the ‘timeline lens’ which captures images and still frames as soon as the camera app is loaded, even if you haven’t taken a picture yet. The idea is that you can ‘rewind’ the frames to grab a still frame you’d like to use if the one you thought you captured when taking a picture doesn’t quite cut the cake. The other innovation is with the BB10 touch keyboard which seems a little more intuitive with auto-correct, showing words right above the matching letters as you spell out words, rather than most other auto-corrects showing a collection of possible matches at the top of the keyboard.

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