Tips to improve your Wi-Fi signal

We would have faced some difficulties with the WiFi connection in our house and other places. I would examine the blunders and glories of my battle and design a strategy for you to use. Here’s the prescribed plan of attack:

improve -Wi-Fi signal

  •  Re-position your router or computer, move it around, movie it closer to the router, set it up where the path from the antenna to the router is not going through your computer, try to give it as clear of a “line of sight” as possible.
  • Update the firmware of your router. This is something that should be done periodically like changing the batteries in your smoke detector.
  • Go to the manufacturers website for your router equipped with the model number of your router and download the driver to an easy to locate place like your desktop.
  • Find an option in your routers menu for updating the firmware and it should prompt you for the location of the firmware (if you saved it to the desktop in the first step it should be there).
  • Change the frequency of your router. Routers work on a set of frequencies similar to those of wireless telephones, baby monitors and many other things around the house. You can change the frequency that your router uses on the configuration page where you previously updated the firmware.
  • Upgrade routers/adapters. Currently 802.11g is the most common type of wireless network. If you’re still using 802.11b it is definitely time for an upgrade. 802.11n routers are the newest and best, they are backwards compatible with all the previous hardware and feature a longer range and higher speed.

I used all the steps above and have a fantastic connection now. I installed the D-Link DWA-552 Extreme-N Wireless PCI Adapter, and it’s greatly improved the stability of my connection. Where the three antennae seemed a bit ridiculous (in an awesome sort of way), it seemed like the best option for maximizing my Wi-Fi signal.

Source: nedary


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