Another hottest game : Draw Something

There is an another famous game for Apple iOS platform, Draw Something.  Consider it the hottest mobile game since Angry Birds.

OMGPOP’s Draw Something for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (and Android) is a mobile game that challenges gamers to draw a particular object on the touch-screen device — such as overalls, a picnic, coffin, penguin or even Lady Gaga — and another player, somewhere on the Internet, must guess what you’re drawing.


Likely inspired by Pictionary, you can search for friends to play with (by e-mail or user name), link up with others through your Facebook and Twitter circles, or choose to play someone randomly.

When you’re done drawing the picture, it gets sent to your opponent, who can then watch your fingertip creation being drawn before their eyes and must then use the letters at the bottom of the screen to type the word for what you created (think Hangman).

The game is divided into easy, medium and hard to draw. You’ll also earn virtual gold coins for performing well. These can be used to buy items such as extra colors to draw with.

The game costs 99 cents, but there’s also a free version, Draw Something Free, with advertisements, fewer words to draw — and you don’t get any gold coins to start.

With more than 50 million downloads in 50 days, it’s not much of a surprise gaming powerhouse Zynga (maker of FarmVilleand Mafia Wars) recently acquired OMGPOP — for $180 million dollars, no less.

The game is so hot, in fact, it has just regained its spot as the No. 1 paid app in the iTunes App Store.

Source: USAToday


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