Facebook now syncs Timeline and Email addresses

Facebook has introduced a new initiative that automatically syncs your Timeline address and your Facebook email address.

The program, which will be rolling out over the next few weeks, means that if your Timeline address is (for e.g.) facebook.com/vimalswebworld, then your Facebook email address will be vimalswebworld@facebook.com. Anyone who already selected an email address will be unaffected.


Facebook reps could not be reached for comment on the move. The impetus for greater email and profile integration could be driven by Google+, which is heavily interlaced with Gmail. Facebook launched vanity URLs for users in 2009, but there was no email component at the time. In 2010, Facebook gave users @facebook email addresses.

The latest change seems to be aimed at users who didn’t change to a vanity URL, which automatically netted a synchronized email address.

Facebook has been trying to get users to employ its email more for some time. Like Google at the time, Facebook was convinced that users were ready for the next evolution of email. Facebook’s 2010 upgrade sought to lose trappings like subject lines, ccs and bccs. Facebook didn’t even call its upgrade email. The company instead dubbed it “messaging.” However, the latest announcement doesn’t use that term and dubs Facebook’s messaging system “email.”

That, perhaps, is a reflection of email’s continued seemingly intractable popularity. A recent survey by Ipsos, for instance, revealed that 85% of Internet users around the world use email while 62% use it for social networking.

Source: mashable


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