URL shorteners and their usage

A few years back, website shorteners were almost non-existant in the web, now they are becoming a current trend every where you go in the web. These shorteners do the simple job of making those long addresses shorter by redirecting the link through their own domains.

There are many ways these shorteners are useful in. The most common place is twitter!(T.co). This has enabled the luxury of sending content in less characters and much more content, thus made sharing websites even easier to follow and faster to find. There are also some benefits to these shortening engines for use in the educational field as well; and these might possibly be:


Keep the white board:
Sharing links in the classroom using the traditional white board: this is a very true benefit; that is because these short links are easy to retain and memorize; thus you can save paper on writing this on paper for your students.

Get to those resources quickly:
Encouraging the students to use the wide-range of valuable resources is also useful and is encouraged across educational trends. With the use of shorteners you can save a lot of time in writing the long addresses of these websites.

You save yourself the burden of spelling errors when giving out the websites to students.

Space saver:
Since long addresses take up a lot of space in your notes; scratch books, teacher book and your class board as well, then website shorteners are your best tools for sure!

Above all odds, you can actually SMS it:
Whether you want to involve the parents in reviewing their kids’ marks, assignments or online portfolios, and you want a service that is quick and short as the SMS, then those URL shorteners can become handy..

Here is a quick list of popular shorteners that are widely used across platforms:

Google shortener

Source: Thanks to fellow blogger, mahmoodedutech.


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