Speeding up your slow computer

Speeding up your slow Windows 7 computer is not as hard as some people think it is. There are just some easy and simply steps to get your Windows 7 loading and reacting faster. Windows 7 should already on most computer run really smoothly and fast I have been running the operating system on my slow netbook and it runs faster then windows XP. But everyone still wants that little bit extra speed.


1. Ready Boost

Windows 7 comes with a program that allows you to use your spare 4GB thumb drive or a memory card such as SD card and also other devices. I recommend any drive higher then 4GB to see any difference in the speed of your computer system this seems to make a massive difference with NetBooks and also really slow computers.


Always make sure that you uninstall all the software on the computer that is never used. This will save space on your hard drive and also will help to stop programs running in the background of your system. Its also good to make sure you have got all the tempore files from the program uninstalled run the Disk Clean-up tool.


If you are trying to help your net book and laptops speed up and you always have the charger plugged in I would recommend going onto the power options and changing the settings from power saver or balanced and change them to Performance power this will use all the hardware in your computer to there full potential.

4.Disk Defragmentation

Its always important to do a disk de fragment about once a week you don’t have to do it once a week but that’s how I maintain my computers. This will sort out all the files on all the hard drive so all the files to do with one program will be grouped with that program there for the hard drive wont need to scan the whole disk to run one program.


When you need security on your system I would recommend Avast I have been using this on all my computers and even my Android phone and it will keep your and your data safe from virus and some male ware and keep that anti virus up to date. http://www.avast.com/en-gb/index


This is a program that will protect you from spyware and adware some of the main reasons for computers being slow and unresponsive.  The program will scan and run when you want it to and is great because the program is completely free and easy to use. http://www.malwarebytes.org/

Thanks to fellow blogger, Antony’sTechHelp.


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