What does Google Project Glasses do?

After weeks of speculation and rumors, Google has officially pulled back the curtain on what they have come to call Google Glasses (or) Project Glass – a pair of augmented reality glasses that seek to provide users real-time information right in front of their eyes.

With this Google glasses, you can view the see thw entire world connected to internet. While wearing a pair, you can see directions to your destination appear literally before your eyes. You can talk to friends over video chat, take a photo or even buy a few things online as you walk around. These glasses can do anything you now need a smartphone or tablet computer to do -and then some.


Yes, It’s un-believeable. You can browse internet, view maps, video chat, call, sms, capture an image , and many. Project Glass sounds like a super-villain’s secret weapon, so Google may need to give its wearable augmented reality device a friendlier name. Researchers in Google says that, “We think technology should work for you — to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.”

Google gave a glimpse of “Project Glass” in a video and blog post this week. Still in an early prototype stage, the glasses open up endless possibilities – as well as challenges to safety, privacy and fashion sensibility. Project Glass could be called Google Eye when it is officially launched by Google.

Google posted the video and short blog post about Project Glass, asking people to offer feedback through its Google Plus social network. Instead of reading all about Google glasses, let’s watch the video which google has posted in its blog about hi-fi tech glasses.

If you think texting while walking is dangerous, just wait until everyone starts wearing Google’s futuristic, Internet-connected glasses.

Source: Techcrunch, ibn-live


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