404 – Funniest Error messages

Is your Wednesday full of fail? If so, it could be because last Wednesday is April 4 — otherwise known as 4/04, the calendar’s answer to the infamous 404 error message.

We’ve all been there, furiously hitting the refresh button and muttering expletives while that page we just need to read refuses to load.

Luckily, in failure lies opportunity — in this case, the opportunity for humor.

Bless the web developers whose creativity dulls our frustration with a bit of funny. From helpful stormtroopers to bawling babies, some sites give a little extra effort to ease those 404 blues.


Scroll through the gallery above to see some of Mashable‘s all-time favorite 404 error messages from around the web. If that’s not enough for you, click on the link below.

Landing on an error paging while surfing the Internet is usually an unpleasant experience, but some web designers add a bit of sunshine to the world with their quirky 404 error pages.

We recently featured some of the most entertaining 404 error pages and asked users to share their favorites. Submitting a few classics that we missed, as well as a bunch of little-known gems, Mashable readers responded in droves.

We picked out some of the best user-submitted 404 errors to share here. We hope you enjoy them, and as always, add your own in the comments below!

Source: mashable


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