Google Play is for android gadgets

As you may have seen Google play had been launched a few days ago, or at least is going to be official released very soon. The official release date that I had saw on different google blogs is going to be in March 27. But it looks like there are a lot of promo’s and videos which do their best to inform us about the next step that Google is going to make, and It has a lot to do with android mobile devices as you will see in the videos below.


What is Google Play?

Well, you maybe already familiarized with android market, downloading different sorts of applications free, or even purchasing different kind of apps. Now the Google Play is similar to this, and similar to the iTunes store, or something like that, cause here in, you will not just going to download different apps, but you will find even other sort of media, like movies, games or songs. So you will be able to download these kind of media from google plus directly on your android mobile device, pc or laptop.

I thing that this is a important step, and many user will appreciate it, because it’s simple and easy to find what you are looking for, and even for developers, movie or music producers, this will add some advantages as people will be able to buy/sell, download movies, books, music or applications, and using your google account you can transfer them directly from the website, to your pc, or to your mobile device.

As you can see it’s pretty simillar with android market just a few things may had been changed, in the next video you will see a short preview of Google Play – Movies.

If you think that apps and movies where enough lets get to the educational part, one that is going to be really helpful for all students and not only. Now with Google Play – Books.

And finally but not last, here is the place where we will be enjoying downloading our music. From Google Play – Music.

For more videos and info, click here.


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