The Next Generation of Technology – Windows 8

The next version of Windows is almost ready to come in this year end. After successful implementation of Windows 7, Microsoft has started to reveling secrets about its next version. In January 2011, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Microsoft announced that Windows 8 would be adding support for ARM microprocessors in addition to the x86 microprocessors from Intel and AMD. Its server version is code named as Windows Server 8.which is expected to released in this year end.

Some of Features in Windows 8

Metro style

Windows 8 features an extensively redesigned “Metro-style” user interface, optimized for touchscreens as well as mice and keyboards. A new “Start screen”, similar to the one in Windows Phone 7, includes live application tiles. The start screen replaces the Start menu, being triggered by the Start button or Windows key, and is also the first screen shown on start up. The user can go to the regular desktop, which is treated as a Metro app with its own “Desktop” tile on the Start screen. Starting a traditional desktop-based application also switches to the desktop. The Start screen also displays the user’s name and picture.

Picture password

Instead of typing a password, a new authentication method allows users to use a set of gestures in the selected picture to login. These gestures will take into account the shape, the start and end points, as well as the directionality. However, the shapes and gestures are limited to tapping and tracing a line or circle. Microsoft found that limiting the gestures improved the speed of sign-ins by three times compared to allowing freeform methods. Wrong gestures will always deny a login, and it will lock out the PC after five unsuccessful attempts, until a text password is provided.

Windows Store

Microsoft has confirmed the introduction of a Windows Store on Windows 8, similar to the Ubuntu Software Center, and Mac App Store, that allows developers to publish their Metro-style applications on Windows 8 devices. The Windows Store will also allow developers to publish their Win32 or “traditional desktop” applications, however, the store will only provide links to the application on their website.

Shorter boot times

Microsoft announced that Windows 8 has short boot times, because it saves the kernel’s memory to the hard disk on shutdown (similar to the existing hibernate option) and reloads it on start up.Windows 8 will support the UEFI secure boot feature. This will enable a new foundation for an architecturally neutral approach to platform and firmware security. It is based on a public key infrastructure (PKI) process to validate firmware images before they are allowed to execute. A secure boot helps reduce the risk of boot loader attacks.Windows 8 features a new login/lock screen that shows the date and time and notifications, along with a customizable background.

And also…

An SMS feature, a new virtual keyboard, a new bootscreen, transparency in the basic theme, geo-location services, Internet Explorer 10 and many other….

Building of Windows 8 –

Its very delightful on seeing all these features…Let us wait, till the launch of Windows 8.



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