Myths about Internet Marketing

Many people around the world have some general idea about branding their product / marketing  their product in internet.  These are the biggest myths of all time about internet marketing. You’ll find the top 5 below.

1.Internet Marketing is For Rich, Big Companies

When you see a TV commercial / Ads  in print media of a product that you know used to be a low quality one, you start to think that their business might have boomed since they can afford the airtime. Much as that might be true for most companies, that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to the internet. You can find affordable, small-business-friendly internet marketing sites that will, in due time, cause your product, service, or whatever it is you’re trying to market, boom just as big as any of the giant companies.

2.A lot of Flash works attracts a lot of customers

Its not true. You might be wrong. Flash actually takes a lot of time to load for some people, and paying for a ton of flashy, moving things on your site won’t necessarily draw in customers. Some people might not have flash plugin in their browser. In fact, a good and simple format works far better since it loads faster for people, and flash really drags the loading time almost to a halt (depending on how much flash you actually used.)


What really keeps a site from going downhill and moving up at a slow but steady pace is the content. Internet marketing isn’t all about the cover. Customers don’t look for a good front page to get what they want. They look for something specific, such as a certain service or product. Everything else is just fluff.

3.Your business doesn’t belong on the Internet

Everything comes under consumerism and marketing. Even a software from torrent will be downloaded from the link only if its has highest no. of hits/downloads.This is one of the simplest example. May be my example be wrong, but internet marketing never fails. Gone are the days when people would sit around with a newspaper and pen in hand with the phone by their side. Almost every house has a computer now, and it almost always has an internet connection. In fact, a computer that can’t handle an internet connection has a bit of a stone age feel to it, and there isn’t much you can do with the machine.

People look for everything on the internet. What’s to say they won’t look for your specific type of service or product over the internet as well? In fact, one of the things you have to keep in mind when it comes to internet marketing is your competitors. More often than not, a dozen other sites already offer what you’re going to offer.

4.Internet Marketing isn’t worth the work

Now a days, Social media has grown to such an extent that a unlaunched product/ brand can be marketed through Facebook,Twitter,Google +, Yahoo mail and so on…There’s a lot of work that goes into good internet marketing, but it’s worth a lot more than marketing it somewhere else. The internet is now the go-to place for anything and everything that anyone is looking for. Besides, there are internet marketing consultants, SEO companies, and a lot of tips and tricks that help you along with marketing over the internet. It’s not like you need to go into it unarmed and unprepared.

5.Internet marketing is all about the traffic

This has to be one of the biggest myths about internet marketing. The amount of people that click on your site determines success only if they’re customers – not browsers. A thousand people can click on your page a day and not buy a single thing. I think we can all agree that doesn’t really amount to success since it clearly doesn’t generate income that marketing should achieve.

And also we have lot of methods for internet marketing practices. Why do you wait??? Start branding your product or site or anything you want it to be done.

Source: Tech Crunch


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