Tips for making your blog /website more traffic

For any developer getting website / blog traffic is such an important thing to do. Getting traffic for website is not an easy task,but not that much harder. The benefits of website traffic cant be obtained by overnight.

Technically,this is mentioned as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The determination to work hard and learning the proper techniques will help you maintain a steady flow of free website traffic.


These are some of the points which helps your blog to make more traffic:

  • Use the blog title in the way it attracts the reader’s attention. Blog post titles are like newspaper headlines. They need to be short and interesting to get people to want to see what’s inside.
  • Update something about yourself in your blog. One of the first things visitors to your site will want to know is something about who you are. Briefly explain what the blog is about, and who you are, they’ll be more likely to come back.
  • Make good content for your website/blog with accurate and proper keywords. A lot of search engines capture good keywords your site utilizes and how they are utilized.
  • Post should be enjoyable and also informational. It has to give particular requirements and also great quality.
  • Internet users utilize search engines to hit upon what they are seeking. Search engines in response make use of keyword.
  • Carrying out the appropriate keyword research at this stage prior to titling your article, will increase your chances of your content being found on the web and generate more traffic to your blog.
  • Comment  and like on posts on other blogs like yours.
  • Try to share new posts  to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo or LinkedIn accounts. This increases your reach every time you publish a post.
  • Email subscription is often forgotten as a source of traffic. It’s a great way to keep them connected to your blog without any extra work for you, or for them.

There’s not much magic or secrets necessary. The advice above, used thoughtfully, is more than sufficient to increase visitors to your blog.

Are you clear with the blog traffic ??? Start blogging now !!!!



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