Posted in February 2012

Nokia’s new Smartphone with 41 MP Camera

Nokia’s new Smartphone with 41 MP Camera

Nokia has announced a new “smart smartphone“, dubbed Nokia 808 PureView, having high resolution 41 megapixel sensors with high performance Carl Zeiss optics and new pixel oversampling technology. With the release of this phone Nokia has shown that how much the company likes to focus on camera. Advertisements

MWC, Barcelona Started today

Mobile World Congress (MWC), 2012 started today in Barcelona, Spain. For the next four days the mobile tech industry will showcase their newest and innovative products for the world to see. The following are possibly notable tech highlights that consumers will be expected to witness in the biggest all-mobile event of the year.

Release of Premium Ads in Facebook

I just read this article heading in one of my fellow blogger ‘soshit‘. As soon as i read the article, i searched in Google web for related article on same topic.  When i got the complete news about premium ads, I was quite happy on this. Thanks to soshit !!!!

Explore the Deep Blue See via Google

In 2007, Google treated the world with the launch of Street View, offering users the ability to explore the world from the comfort of their desk. Together with Google Earth it offered people an unparalleled insight into the world around us.

The hype is all about GTA V

The hype is all about GTA V

Grand Theft Auto-V was announced on Rockstar Games’ website last October, just a few days after the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III. Every web page on Rockstar Games’ website (even the old Vice City and San Andreas pages) was replaced with a page containing the GTA V logo and a release date for … Continue reading

Google to launch Google TV soon

Google is looking to get into the paid TV business. Search and view the videos online. The new Google TV experience is like the Evolution of Youtube. We can also say that its a next generation of searching videos on web. The company filed an application last week to provide video service to residents of Kansas City, Mo., according … Continue reading

End of days for Windows XP / Vista

Are you still using Windows Vista??? Windows XP??? These operating systems may be in the list of your favorites since it is compatible for all applications.You may use XP/Vista for any other reasons.. Well, whatever the reason, Microsoft has clarified some of their end-of-life dates for older versions of Windows OS, including XP. This is mostly about support … Continue reading

Its time to release Facebook Timeline

Facebook will bring its Timeline profile pages to brands this month in the U.S., according to executives briefed on the company’s plans. At its F8 conference in September, Facebook introduced a dramatic transformation of profile pages for its more than 800 million users with the Timeline format, which generates picture-heavy, scrapbook-like collages spanning users’ entire … Continue reading

Why do I need Google+ ?

I accidentally saw a video on why we need Google+.  After marking up with more than 90 million users in Google+, this video will surely makes many people to shift from facebook to G+. After seeing this video, a. There will be lot of change from Wall post to Stream b. Many Likes to Recommended +1 c. … Continue reading

Google launches Chrome for Android mobiles & Tablets

Internet search giant Google has announced that it is launching the popular Chrome Web browser for phones and tablets running its Android operating system. That means Android 4.0 users can have scores of different web sites open simultaneously on their mobile phones. Google’s aim, however, is not simply to put a slightly better Internet browser on a mobile device.

Angry Birds is coming to Facebook on Valentine’s Day

Farmville, Cityville, Castleville, Texas Holdem, Social City and now its time for Angry Birds in Facebook.. Now the angry birds have migrated to the Facebook land.Yes, Its true..The Angry Birds series is finally set to arrive on Facebook, with Rovio planning to introduce the games to the world’s most popular social network on Valentine’s Day, … Continue reading

Deleted Photos are still viewable in Facebook

You might have deleted your embarrassing or unpleasant photos from your facebook profile, but those photos will be visible to others for some period of time. Are you shocked ? Yes, I was also been shocked after reading this news. Some sources says that deleted Facebook photos don’t disappear but can still be accessed by anyone … Continue reading

Google+ crosses 90 million users

Google’s online social networking service “Google Plus” has now crossed 90 million user mark since its launch in June 2011. Google+ which is also known as G+ is a social networking and identity service, operated by Google Inc. Google+ was launched on June 28, 2011, in an invitation-only “field testing” phase. Early invites were soon … Continue reading