Delhi students hired for High Package

The placement season at IIT-Delhi this year has defied recession. Day one saw 25 companies and 130 job offers. Last year, 19 companies had recruited students on the first day. Companies such as Facebook, Opera, Microsoft, Tower, McKinsey, Bain and Google are a few big names that have queued up to hire students.

Ankur Dahiya, who has chosen to work for Facebook next year, was also offered jobs from Tower and Google, both multi-national companies.<
But the offer that Dahiya has got is not the biggest one anticipated in the campus. A multi-national firm that will be coming to the campus the next month is offering a package of Rs 90 lakh per annum.

At DU as well, a few big companies have shown their presence. For the first time, Uniqlo, a Japanese apparel giant, has come to the Central Placement Cell of the university and is looking to hire large number of students. “They are offering a good package, around Rs 20 lakh per annum, to students. The first round of their process is over,” said Gulshan Sawhney, deputy dean, students’ welfare.

This year, DU placement cell has received 21,189 online registrations from 121 colleges, institutes and departments. In colleges, too, the response has been good. The placement process has kicked off in most colleges, with regulars like Google, McKinsey, Bain, etc, conducting tests and interviews.

At Shri Ram College for Commerce, a student has already been offered a job with a package of Rs 10 lakh per annum. This figure is set to rise soon as the placements have been interrupted by semester-end exams. “We expect much better offers soon. Better offers start to roll in by December-January and by that time even students know what they want to pursue,” said a teacher at SRCC who did not want to be named.


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