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Is facebook shutting down on 15th March 2012 ?

Since from the first week of Jan’12 there was a fast spreading rumor that said that Facebook was going to shut down on March 15, 2011, because its creator Mark Zuckerberg found managing the site too stressful. This rumor is started by Weekly World News, which has already rumored about Micheal Jackson walking in moon, Aliens Visit to World … Continue reading

Internet Censorship in India

You might have recently heard the words like Internet – Google – Social Networks – Facebook – Yahoo – YouTube – Web censorship in India in news headlines. Even though there is no proper government policy or strategy or lawful ACT (comes under Information Technology) to block access to Internet content on a large scale, … Continue reading

Access Facebook on any mobile without the internet

Nowadays , browsing & updating your Facebook status via your mobile phone is latest trend. But all you need is a data plan ,enough money to browse and a mobile supported application.Do you have an old mobile phone, like the Nokia 1100, 1105,1600, Samsung c168…. These basic model mobiles has no browser and can do little more than … Continue reading

Youtube reaches 4 billion views per day

Google’s video-sharing property YouTube now sees 4 billion video views per day. That’s a 25% increase over the past eight months, the company told Reuters in a report released this morning. There’s now approximately 60 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute, compared with roughly 48 hours uploaded in May.

Book rail tickets through your Mobile phone

Passengers can now book railway ticket through mobile phone. Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a public sector undertaking, under the ministry of railway, is offering the service of booking e-ticket through mobile phones. Joint general manager (public relations), IRCTC, Pradeep Kundu told that it would help the passengers to book their railway tickets … Continue reading

A Golden Feather

Good Evening All, Today is the wonderful day for me. Being a beginner in blogging, one of my post is highlighted other blog. As i was searching for keywords for my blog , accidentaly i found my name, and my post (protest of SOPA,PIPA) which is mentioned in some other blog. I will keep this … Continue reading

Our Unique ID

What is Aadhar ? AADHAAR is a scheme implemented by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), an agency of the Government of India.The agency is headed by a chairman, who holds a cabinet rank. The UIDAI is part of the Planning Commission of India. Nandan Nilekani, former co-chairman of Infosys Technologies.It was established in February 2009, and will … Continue reading

Websites in protest of SOPA,PIPA

Many websites ‘blocked’ today (18th Jan’2012) in protest of SOPA, PIPA. On the home page of Google, users will see that the name is blocked out. Wikipedia is down for the day and asks that users contact their representatives in protest of legislation that could “fatally damage the free and open Internet.” A slew of other … Continue reading

Golden Car revealed by TATA Group

Tata Group in its attempt to mark jewellery making tradition in India spanning 5000 years now coupled with India going crazy over Gold has come up with a unique Nano that’s Gold plated. Gold, as we know, is the most desired metal in India, and Tata plans to showcase it on its cheapest car, the Nano. … Continue reading

Delhi students hired for High Package

The placement season at IIT-Delhi this year has defied recession. Day one saw 25 companies and 130 job offers. Last year, 19 companies had recruited students on the first day. Companies such as Facebook, Opera, Microsoft, Tower, McKinsey, Bain and Google are a few big names that have queued up to hire students. Ankur Dahiya, … Continue reading

Welcome to Vimal’s Webworld

Welcome to Vimal’s Webworld

Welcome! Thanks for visiting my webworld. This is my first blog. I started this blog just for an entertainment, and i’ll share some of my articles, cool photos,videos and so on.Let us crawl over my webworld. Have a Happy reading 🙂